Charlotte has had various roles within the area of Competence management since 2006. With her combined background in computer science and pedagogics she is a valuable resource in projects aiming to develop processes and IT tools for learning and performance. This includes discussing business process improvements, handling requirements and communicating with both internal and external stakeholders.

Her experiences are gained from different global organisations, but mainly from IKEA, where she has worked to develop efficient ways of handling and sharing knowledge to increase the direct business impact.

Due to her calm and open approach, as well as a strong sense of responsibility, Charlotte quickly builds trustful relationships. She is pragmatic collaborator who quickly sees the holistic view of a challenge, contributing to progress and harmony in her teams.

Charlotte has a convincing belief about the important role of knowledge management in developing people and business of today’s organisations. Her driving forces as a specialist are learning new things, spreading knowledge and exploring different ways to reach new goals, by inspiring and challenging her colleagues.

+46 760 500 629