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We are specialists within technical communication, information and transformation. Learn more about how our services fits your business puzzle.

Content is the common denominator in all our services. No matter if the content is used in e.g. product information, communication or learning materials, we can help you create the structure needed. We are specialists within technical communication, information and transformation. Our mission is to enable customers to become learning organizations, where sharing knowledge and information is a natural part of the culture and silos are removed. Offering the right information through the right channel with the right quality improves the agility of our customers.
Core Services
Our core services are the foundation for our customers to be able to develop and launch products, systems or services efficiently, regardless of its complexity. Well-documented product information and functioning processes for its development are important in all internal (e.g. marketing, sales, customer support, etc) and external (e.g. customers, partners, etc.) communication.
Example case - Core

Technical communication

– Technical documentation and communication
– From content design to final layout (well-structured content)
– Creative copywriting and script writing
– Etc.

Processes and methods

– Establish processes and procedures for organizing and manage technical content
– Guidelines and templates
– Workflows
– Roles and responsibilities
– Etc.

Extended Services
Our extended services enhance the information and communication by creating visualizations, better information structures and enabling sharing and reuse of content and knowledge for other uses. We complete this by choosing the proper tools and by configuring them correctly for our customers. This makes the information more reliable and improves the quality throughout the entire organization.
Example case - Extended


– System procurement
– Implementation and configuration
– E.g. XML, CMS, LMS, LCMS, Sharepoint

Information structuring

– Content structuring
– Taxonomy
– Metadata
– Etc.


– 3D animations
– Infographics
– Images (video)
– Etc.


– Product oriented learning
– Learning design
– Facilitation
– Etc.

Supporting Services
Our supporting services can be used from the smallest project to the biggest transformation in a company, that requires in-depth expertise about information management and knowledge management. We complement it with expertise in agile methodologies to ensure that overall strategies and workflows are aligned on all levels.


– Pre-study
– Project management,
– Requirement management
– Change management
– Agile leadership and methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS)
– Etc.


– Project strategies
– Agile transformation
– Learning organization
– Information architecture
– Digital transformation
– Etc.


– Agile coaching
– Knowledge sharing
– Information management
– Any informiQ service
– Etc.