“Salomeh is an outstanding leader who inspires personal success; she creates the best for her clients and contributes to a genuinely welcoming work environment.”

– Per Frykman AB, professional reputation experts

Salomeh is a dedicated and outstanding leader who inspires her colleagues’ personal success to best achieve the goals. She has a unique balance between sharpness and depth, humility and authority, with a distinct business mindset. Salomeh creates clarity and structure in blurred processes, has a strong drive and is genuinely trustworthy. With her high integrity, Salomeh wants what is best for her clients, and she builds an excellent and welcoming working environment.

Salomeh is warm, inspiring and considerate; she is a highly accomplished leader who listens and encourages. With her holistic view, she creates a sense of security since you know that she will solve her tasks in the best way possible. Salomeh is a problem solver, she improvises and convinces in both talented and amiable ways. She is analytical, diplomatic, goal oriented and open for new ways of thinking – she genuinely cares for her team by creating growth and inspiring curiosity.

The abstract above is based upon anonymous responses from managers, colleagues and customers. The answers have been analysed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation Inc. – per@reputationmastery.se, +46 706240058


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