Thomas is a skilled senior consultant with a solid educational background and valuable experience. He has held positions as a technical writer, software developer, test lab responsible for automated test systems, test developer, and system integrator.

He has held positions at companies of various sizes and in different industries and has had a number of roles but mostly within technical writing, test and software development.

He has experience in both hardware and software related tasks.

He has a solid experience to describe complex technical systems.

Finally, Thomas is often described as a structured, dedicated, highly knowledgeable and an open-hearted participant in projects. He solves problems in a pragmatic way, delivers high quality and has great social skills.  He is calm and gentle, easy to like and get along with.

During his spare time, Thomas practices several sports; for example squash and table tennis. He is also a member of the board in a sport club.

+46 707 462 842