With his vast dedication, a powerful drive and a contagious energy Tobias undertakes challenges with both curiosity and courage. He has a thirst for knowledge, asks the right questions and with his consideration and warm personality he is a social genius and natural leader wanting everyone to join in. You can always count on Tobias doing his utmost, making everything look simple, and he is a person you genuinely want to have in a team.

Tobias will always deliver excellent results, exceed expectations, and he walks the extra mile to bring out what his client needs. He is a truly genuine, creative and goal-oriented problem solver and very talented in building relationships. Through seeing things from new perspectives, Tobias brings additional value for everyone, he turns the stones that need to be turned and makes things happen. He is trustworthy and a role model with his excellent customer focus.

The abstract above is based upon anonymous responses from managers, colleagues and customers. The answers have been analysed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation Inc. – per@reputationmastery.se, +46 706240058


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